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Our services:
Advisory. Execution-oriented. Exceptional.

The new digital convergence is characterized by the following macro trends that have taken shape over the last decade:

Applications—emergence of successful off-the-shelf commercial software applications such as ERP or CRM products
Broadband access infrastructures—unimaginable just 10 years ago, with growing capacity in the last mile using both wire-line and wire-less technologies
Communication networks—rapidly converging to robust and secure IP-based infrastructure to deliver voice, data, and video applications
Silicon technology—unabated leaps of size, cost, and capacity improvements every eighteen months—affecting hand-held devices, processors, communication and storage technologies
User interface—the global adoption of Internet browsers and search engines

ITE’s services leverage the business potential of digital convergence by providing a set of innovative and proprietary metrics/tools for linking technology investment to business objectives.
These metrics/tools include our IT-leverage index and queues-based technology budgeting for business managers; a 6-D technology assessment tool for technology managers; a technology complexity index and technology pressure points for operations managers.

We offer telecom/IT managers insights into technical possibilities, financial realities, and operational feasibilities within processes from integrated systems planning to operation:

Market strategies by customer segments
Services or technology roadmaps
Transformation through robust engineering program management e.g. program management for cellular migration
Change management processes for network or IT
Risk assessment and management for service providers
Illustrative technology coverage & full-service capabilities:
  • Wire-less technologies (RFID to 3G to WiMax to Super 3G)
  • Wire-line technologies (cable to xDSL to Fiber)
  • Large distributed systems, e.g. billing system
  • Internet infrastructure, applications and services
  • Every facet of IT (apps to hardware) technologies
  • Integrated IT systems planning
Organizational excellence & process maps

Our advisory services to technology investors include, but are not limited to:

Due diligence of telecom mergers, e.g. Sprint/NexTel
Assessment (including ROI) of emerging technologies such as WiMAX for a telecom ecosystem like the United States
Individual company analysis for equity or bond holders, e.g. that of TELUS, 2nd largest telecom provider in Canada
Industry segment analysis, e.g. cable companies and their growth opportunities and risks
Competitive analysis like AT&T vs. Verizon for the share of household wallet

Our advisors have made seminal contributions to IP-based converged technologies for IT and telecom, and to the financial and operational strategies for the deployment of these technologies. They deliver their insights within a proven, scientific, and proprietary methodology.

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