Unleashing the business potential of digital convergence.

Welcome to ITE and the new era of digital convergence

A new era of digital convergence—powered by the technological advances of the last decade—is unfolding.

While market forces will control the drive towards the convergence of the three major multimedia industries (telecom, information technology, and entertainment), the wireless-, broadband- and internet-based technological convergence of voice, data and video applications is poised to deliver unprecedented advantages in productivity and competitive positioning for any enterprise.

Our seminal expertise in wireless, broadband, IP and hosting infrastructures/solutions and successful implementation experiences in North America equip us to help you maximize the potential of digital convergence for your business.

To telecom and information technology executives, we offer (a) distinctive strategy, (b) pragmatic assessment and transformation of products, technology & operations, and (c) breakthrough improvements in the effectiveness of your organization through the use of unique technology management metrics/tools.

To securities & investment managers, we offer superior financial advice on telecom and IT investments.

Welcome. We’re glad you’re here.